AS Fleisch is known as the highest-quality meat

Since more than ten years ago, the EU food hygiene legislation (HACCP) came into operation to improve the validated EU Regulation on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs in Germany.

The AS Fleisch Team follows the regulation of high-quality meat production according to the HACCP standard. We sell our customers only meat products which have been produced according to the HACCP directives/regulations. We also follow the HACCP regulations for the stages of the meat preparation, processing, storage and, packaging. Meat purchasing is a matter of trust. The AS Fleisch team does really care about producing very high-quality meats for you, so that you can always rely on first class products from our butcher shops in Bremen.

We provides you with reliable Halal-meats

AS Fleisch is the most well-known shop for pure halal meat in Bremen and suburban.
Our butchers work strictly and consistently according to the guidelines of Islamic slaughter process. Only properly slaughtered animals will be processed to meat productions in AS Fleisch factory. Our old satisfied customers know that we have a watchful eye on the process of halal slaughtering and they rely on our halal-slaughtered meats.

You can be sure that you buy exclusively Halal-meats from AS Fleisch and even watch yourself how clean and regularly is the process of Halal-meet production in our slaughterhouses. You can rely one hundred percent on the high-quality of our Halal-products in butcher shop in Bremen.